Here are some frequently asked questions asked about our services

  • Is Wireless Secure?
    • Yes. Our wireless service uses strong encryption and proprietary protocols while your data is transmitted on our backbone. Your data is more secure while on our network than on a cable or DSL service.
  • How does your Wireless system Work?
    • Our System works the same as DSL and Cable Except it is Wireless to your house Just as with your TV so no phone line is needed! We Place an Antenna on your house run a line down to a junction box where you can connect your computer to just like your phone is. Just plug the computer in and you are up and running.
  • Do I need a phone line?
    • No Phone Line is needed we do not use the phone line For Internet
  • Do I have to have a computer equipped with wireless?
    • No a wireless network card is not needed you connect directly to your Computers Network Card via the Standard RJ45 connector. The same as you would with DSL or cable modem however you can connect a wireless router to our system to make your entire house a wireless network.
  • I am told that wireless is slow – is this true?
    • No, just the opposite it is as fast as or faster than DSL and Cable.
  • Will the weather affect my ability to surf the web as with the satellite TV?
    • No our system uses completely different technology weather does not affect the signal.
  • Can I connect more than one computer to your system?
    • Yes you can connect as many computers to our system as you like.
  • What do the antennas look like?
    • The Antennas differ in size and shape but most are about 10 inches square and can be painted using any latex paint

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