Over the past several months, ISP’s around the world are seeing an increase in spam related bounceback emails. This is also commonly referred to as “Backscatter”.

What it is: Spammers are sending out millions of junk mail messages. In an effort to cover their tracks, they enter a legitimate email address as the “sender”. When some of the spam messages fail to reach their destination, the messages bounce back to the “sender”. Unfortunately, the address used as the “sender” may be yours. This may result in hundreds of bouncebacks filling up your email in box.

Why can’t we just block all bounceback emails?
If we block all bouncebacks, it would stop even the legitimate bounces. For example, if you mistype an email address, you would not know the message failed to go through.

What GMWireless is doing to stop it: If a GMWireless user recieves 15 bouncebacks within 24 hours, a filter is added to block any more bouncebacks for the next 24 hour period.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at: support@gmwireless.net or call 1-888-663-9044